Not Loading MapBox with custom code. I'm following instructions EXACTLY I think! Please any help or a quick look

Trying to follow the directions from:

It’s seriously driving me insane lol. I cannot figure out why my map won’t even load. All I want is for the map to at least try and render. But it’s not working at all. Please if anyone could help me it seriously would save much frustration.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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did you add the ids to the “map” and the “listings” divs?

Also, can you add the staging link so we can inspect the page? :slight_smile:

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You map is not loading as I can see in console the code is missing. Can you add this and retry

Is this what you mean?

I added that script you were saying? Do you want me to try and delete the top script then?

Still not rendering on the published site?

AHHH! I added the ID’s to the DIV - I feel dumb for not recognizing that :D. I thought creating a CSS class, that would also be the div ID for some reason.

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Happy you solved it Austin!

It will be awesome if you mark the post as solved!


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