Not hearing back about Experts program?

Hi all,

I’ve applied to the Experts program a couple of times, but I’ve never heard back. Does that mean my application was denied?

I’ve completed all of the certification exams and meet the necessary requirements. I have the requisite number of live projects on client billing, and I’ve run them against the grading rubric too; they should check all the boxes. I’ve been active in the support community too, but mostly on the subreddit r/webflow; I’m new to the community forum here.

What should I do? I’ve been working for months to get to where I satisfy all the criteria, and I’ve been building Webflow sites as my full-time job for years now. Is there someone I should contact directly?

Bump? I contacted support last week and they said they’d refer me, but I still haven’t heard back.

I think you also posted in the webflow subreddit? If so, I’m going to follow up on this today :slight_smile:

Hi there, yes I did :sweat_smile: Thank you for your help, by the way.