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Not getting the main image and price for product from the CMS API

I’m using the eCommerce feature and want to get all the products with their images via the API. I believe you treat it like a collection and using this API call -> Get /collections/:collection_id/items

This is just returning a subset of fields. It’s missing the price and the media images which is sort of important. Any suggestions on the correct API get URL to get what I’m looking for?

“tax-category”: “standard-taxable”,
“_archived”: false,
“_draft”: false,
“shippable”: true,
“ec-product-type”: “b6ccc1830db4b1babeb06a9ac5f6dd76”,
“name”: “Space Case Set”,
“description”: "the complete internals of a mobile habitat for 1 couple in 15 cases ",
“slug”: “space-case-set”,
“category”: [
“updated-on”: “2020-08-28T20:22:29.403Z”,
“updated-by”: “Person_5ea9c080ffb63e6fff66b625”,
“created-on”: “2020-08-28T20:01:23.954Z”,
“created-by”: “Person_5ea9c080ffb63e6fff66b625”,
“published-on”: “2020-08-28T20:26:12.539Z”,
“published-by”: “Person_5ea9c080ffb63e6fff66b625”,
“default-sku”: “5f4962942dd38b3a83e36412”,
“_cid”: “5ef62969c317573792a87074”,
“_id”: “5f496293f7c7fa2ec8d103bc”

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Hi Amber,

It looks like you are using a collections request. There is now a specific Ecommerce product request that will return the sku/s remembering that price is not actually stored in the product collection.

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Thanks! The product/sku API is what I need. Only issue with that API call it does not include the category for the product which seems to be on the collection API call. Seems odd to exclude that.

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Yes, I don’t quite get that. It says category is a default field in the product model…