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Not getting it. how to set up an slide-in-effect for a section?

hello webflowers!
it seemed to be such an easy thing and theoretically so straight forward but nevertheless: i’m not getting it!

look i just want to have 1 section in the beginning of my website. its 100vh (fullscreen).
than when the visitor tries to scroll down instead of going down another section which was hidden to the right will slide in.

this is the basic idea, but the problem is, that this “scroll-effect” seems not to work, when my main seciton is only 100vh because there will not be any “scrolling” you know?

so what i basically did is settip the main section to 101 vh so that there is a little room for scrolling and tada: the right-hidden section slides in and the interaction works BUT does this not work more elegantly? do i really need an actual “scroll” for scroll-effects?


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