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Not getting emails from form

I have 2 emails set on my contact form - my gmail, and one from my custom domain. I’m only getting emails via my gmail. I’m getting emails to my custom domain email fine through other channels. Website is / Thanks!

Hi Erica, who provides email services for your domain? Might want to check your spam folder and add to your contact book. If that doesn’t work try contacting your email providing to see whats up.

Thanks Brryant. I checked the spam, nothing there. And added to address book. I don’t think this is the issue since I’m getting emails to this address from everywhere else. Could it have anything to do with the CName set to I know CNames can sometimes cause email weirdness.

Hi @brryant, I’m also not getting email notifications from one of my forms.

I use 1and1 as my web host, and have added to my contact book.

I have gotten email notifications in the past, but am not getting them on my form on :frowning:

Odd! Can you email support[at] We’d be happy to take a look