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Not fully understand about custom domain as a designer

Hi, everyone

Recently I have a client website redesign project. The client has already his old website with his domain and server. But as a designer, I don’t know how to use the existing domain from the old website to Webflow. Should I shut the old server down before I migrate the domain to the Webflow?
I am very new to this thing.

Here is the client’s old website:
Here is my new website:

And I want to use the exisitng url for webflow site. Thank you so much!

Hi you need to change current DNS to point to the new site. read here and if you have some questions pls let me know

Hi @Pimwipha_Cheaptumron, in addition to @JanneWassberg’s good comment, here is an article on how to Migrate your domain to Webflow.

I hope this helps