"not found" is second most popular page in analytics report

Hi Forum,

I’m relatively new to the web development biz. My client’s site is showing “Not Found” as their second highest page view, according to Google Analytics. I have no idea what this is or why this is “page” is getting so much (unwanted) traffic.

Can anybody offer advice on what this could be?

Any help would be appreciated.

Link below


Hello @Steveio, Is this a rebrand or update of the website? if it is then maybe check for new or updated links, you might have to make some 301 redirects, and that might be the reason you are getting all the “not found” results. I hope this helps.

Thank @Pablo_Cortes How do I check for new or updated links. Sorry, new to this stuff :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Cortes, and yes, there was an update to the website, but the URL did not change. I copied the original site, made the updates, then transfer the site over to the existing URL. This wouldn’t require a 301 redirect, would it?

Hey @Steveio no, did you copy the site from another web builder like Wordpress? I mean as long as you have the same urls you don’t need the 301 redirects. I guess you can also check on other sites like social media that might have broken links back to your site that are getting on the not found page. Good luck!