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Not all slides are showing in slider widget

Sorry, this is probably something very simple, but I’m totally missing something here. Why can’t I see the image for additional slides that I’m adding to the slider? I’ve done a lot of sliders and I’m just having a brain fart perhaps…HELP

Hi @msmillie :smile:

Just tried to fix it myself. That is weird and you’re not having a brain fart. Can you try to create the slider in a new page by itself? Then when it looks good, copy/paste it into your homepage.

wait. this might be a bug. just got a support ticket with the same issue. I’ll keep you updated when i find more information.

Nope, wasn’t a bug at all!

Remove the “display:block” on your slides styles.

that should work :smile:

Nailed it! Much thanks. :smile:

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