"Not Acceptable" error in Designer - bug plz halp

When we so much as open certain pages in the Designer for one particular project, we immediately (without even any edits) start getting “Not Acceptable” errors popping up in the top right corner and then can’t load any other pages, make edits, press publish or do anything in the designer until exiting to dashboard and returning to a different page. We have been unable to clone or edit pages on our site this week due to this cryptic error.

We’ve reached out to Webflow Support but they are not answering emails after several days and after tweeting them, once mentioning the ticket, they went silent, as if this is a bug they can’t fix which is scary.

Wondering if anyone in the community has seen this error before, or if anyone from webflow support is around?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to webflow dashboard
  2. Navigate to Designer for our site, earnbetter.com
  3. In the Pages panel, open up one of a few pages that are having this problem
  4. Start seeing “Not Acceptable” error toasts in the designer immediately.

Troubleshooting already tried:

  1. Clearing cache and logging out + back in
  2. In cognito
  3. Using 3 different computers
  4. Trying on 2 different networks with different ISPs
  5. Logging in as 2 different users on our account who have admin/Designer access
  6. Backing up to a previous version of the site from 9 days ago

Not providing a read only link to the community right now because our site contains some non-public pages and this isn’t a layout/styling help request. However, any insight into the mysterious “Not Acceptable” errors would be appreciated!

The forum is not an official support channel. I don’t have any other insight for you at this time other than checking status.webflow.com and AWS status for the geographical area you are networked from.

There are no AWS outages nor webflow outages published. While I appreciate the reply to say you can’t help, hoping someone who works for webflow in a support capacity may see it and DM since email support requests go ignored these days.