Not able to have multiple tabs of Webflow Designer open in browser

Before today, I was able to have multiple tabs of Webflow Designer open on my computer. For example – the site I was working on, that site’s Settings view, and/or another site(s) that I wanted to view or copy/paste from.

Suddenly, today, it is logging me out of one tab when I open another. Is anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: It now appears to be working all right. Perhaps a temporary glitch?

Hi @lgriffen

It shouldn’t be a problem having different sites open, but maybe there is an issue with having the same site open twice - conflicts/source of truth etc. Looks like @Brando is around so i’ll let staff advise!

Heyo @StuM @lgriffen

You can definitely have multiple tabs open of different projects in the Designer, or different areas of the platform (i.e. Designer, Editor, and Dashboard). However, if you have two instances of the Designer open for the same project you may see that error.

This is because if there are two instances open, the Designer isn’t sure which version to save and chances are you’ll lose any work done.

I hope this helps clarify :slight_smile:

@StuM @Brando It appears to be working fine now, so I’m not sure what happened. It distinctly happened when I had one site open and created a new project in another. Go figure. Thanks for the quick replies!

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