Not able to figure out / change sequence of projects in Prev/Next CMS project page template

I have used the refokus library for implementing previous/next in the CMS project page. But I’m not sure what is the sequence of the projects it is picking up. I want it to pick up the sequence of projects shown on the Services or Sectors page. Similar to what Pentagram is doing in their Services / Sectors page here: Work — Browse by type of work If I’m coming from Education, I should only be able to do prev/next through those projects. How can I implement this in Webflow?

My read-only: Webflow - mCube Design

Reference site: Pentagram Brand Identity

Site page: mCube Design

Hi @abon ,

The order of the prev/next items is the same order of the items in the collection list that you are using to create it (the one at the bottom of the page).

Hey @avivtech. I checked this. It is not. For eg: The link that I shared in the original post is Manav and according to the sequence the next one should be The Baking Co. but in the site the next one loads Noble.