Not able to embed HTML of Keynote


I want to add Keynote presentation on my Webflow website, exported the html version of the presentation but while embedding on webflow, it is not showing up after publish.
Can anyone help me in this? Appreciated!!


If you want someone to help you have to provide a read-only share of your project AND a published URL where the page can be viewed and debugged in a browser. Plus any other info that could help someone debug your issue.


here we go : Real Estate Firm Case Study

I added the embed code of my keynote presentation, I did these steps File/Export to/HTML but when I add that on embed, it is not showing up.

Hi Priyanka,

It looks like the embed isn’t setup correctly, you’ll need review your player embed code and try again. I
'm seeing a few weird things;

  • 404 on your player/main.js script
  • <title> and <meta>s in the embed code

It looks like this is meant to be IFRAMEd from another server, but somehow instead of an IFRAME you’ve pasted the contents directly in.

Thank you for the reply!!

I tried iframe, it worked, since the file size is large it is taking time to load. But i am not understanding what I did wrong here.
I just exported the presentation in html and the “index.html” file got created which I dropped on embed container.
Please help to understand how else can I upload my Keynote presentation in slide way. Or can you suggest any other way where I can add the presentation?

Your player is designed with several parts, probably HTML, CSS, and JS files. You won’t be able to take just one part, import it into Webflow, and make it work - it’s incomplete. Webflow isn’t designed to allow easy upload an integration of source code files either, so it would be some setup work to get your downloaded-files version to function properly.

Also, from appearances it’s designed to run inside an IFRAME as a separate document, so you’d typically just use the embed code your service gives you, to display it in a website.

Read the documentation for whatever platform you’re using and look for embedding options.

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Thanks Michael, I understood the part why simply it won’t get played. iFrame is the only solution for my query then.

Grateful of yours for putting time on my query!!