Not a developer at all. Please, take a look t my website and give me some feedback!

Here it is
Thanks in advance!!



First off, I’m writing notes based on what I’m seeing when I first go to it.

  • Love the loading animation
  • Nice borders sitewide
  • Lovely section organization
  • Yay it’s responsive!
  • Great interactions


  • Since the nav links are white, when you scroll to a white section, they are invisible.
  • For Professional has a hover background color, while the For Organization does not.

Great job. :smiley:

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Nice Job!! :slight_smile: Re: white nave links - try adding a background div on scroll (not exactly the same, but an example of what I mean:

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Awesome site! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

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Hi, guys!
Thank you very much for your support and feedback!
They are very important to me.

Have a nice day.