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Norton SafeSearch Verification

Hello. An article that I read about SEO recommended I verify my website with Norton Safesearch and McAfee TrustedSource in order to improve search rankings and whatnot.

I find myself unable to verify with Norton. I have followed the instruction to add a tag to the head section of home page, i then published my site in webflow to save the changes, and clicked the verify button on Norton’s site. This same procedure has given me no problem with both Bing’s and Google’s Webmaster Tools. Both services had the same kind of instruction. Nortons does not recognise that the code is there, Is this a common problem? Has anyone else experienced this? Or could someone else try it and tell me if it happened to them, so i know if its a webflow thing or a thing with my site. I even tried adding the meta tag to the code section of site settings instead of on the individual page’s head section, and that didnt work. There was also a second, keyword, tag for if the first meta tag did not work, and that doesnt do it for me, whether on my main page’s head section or the site’s. :frowning:

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The tag is definitely there, twice.


If they can’t pick it up, it’s probably either

  • Code is wrong
  • Issue on their end

Do you think this even necessary? @tortugas I’m curious as to what led you to decide these two items were important. I don’t often see them included on sites.

Perhaps your right. I had seen it on a tutorial for SEO tips. I just want to do everything and anything that doesnt cost money in order to bring customers to my restaurant. BTW how do I close out or mark as solved a topic?

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