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None responsive page design

Hi, looking to find out if one can create a nonresponsive rich text page that can be designed to be forced to display the same look and feel regardless of the device viewable size? I don’t want the rich text element to resize the page to enhance the experience on a mobile. For this one page I need it to look (crunch is test and images to fit the viewable size.

Give the rich text element a class nested, then use pixel width and height.

Thanks Gary for responding but that’s my current DivBlock settings . I’m trying to avoid having to change the pixel width and height for each device size. That would be soooo much work for each and ever page for my end game. Essentially I would have to create 4 unique settings for each page and I’ll have thousands to create. My goal is to start at the desktop view and have the page’s content and image shirk to fit (even if its too small text size and image) text and image to resize to fit the smaller devices viewable real estate. This might not be possible but I keep trying. I am new to WebFlow which gives me that added challenge. :slight_smile:

Okay but in the first post you said you wanted it to stay the same size; you didn’t want it to resize.

If that’s the case, add VW width to the parent div of the content. Something like 5 or 6 on desktop, then you’ll need to go up to 7 or 8 on tablet, and so on.