None of my blog posts are indexing, HELP!

Hello everyone. I have no idea how, but none of my blog posts are indexing. Please explain how to fix this issue please. it seems everything else is in order.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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google has indexed the main blog page but it has not added individual posts to the serps. This can be for a variety of reasons and you can research them at the Google Seach Central site. i would look at your blog list and not rely on a weak repeated “read more” anchor text links and also work to insure original content for blog posts that had some human content if you choose AI generated only. Ranking is not a trivial endeavor and you have lots of competition. So step up your game if you want to play.

Appreciate the input. Can you give more info on how i can make it less weak? the anchor text? maybe wrap the image in a link block?

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Hey Eli,

Your design and UX looks amazing, but SEO is indeed lacking.

I’d implement an hreflang to start, and check out schema markup as you currently don’t have any.

If you still need help with ranking your site, feel free to reach out.