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Non-standart geometry of website section

Hello, everyone. I’m going to create portfolio website, and I have one question.

What’s the matter? My the second website’s section has a non-standart geometry(upper arc border and buttom waves) and I don’t know, what should I do?. Do you have any ideas, how to implementation this feature in webflow? Thank you.

Hi @ua_iaroslav - You can’t manipulate Webflow to create these wavy images. I would create these in Illustrator, save them as SVGs (or PNGs) and add to each section as a Background Image with Position set to the bottom with tiling turned off.

Add PNG or SVG here:

Regards Kai

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Wooow! Thank you, man. I tried this method and it really works. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Hi @ua_iaroslav - that’s great! Glad to help out! :smile: Thanks - you have a nice day too… Good luck with your portfolio! Regards Kai

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