Non CMS logo slider with automatic slide update

I’m trying to build a logo slider. Here are the requirements:

  • Each slide should hold 9 logos (maybe a 3x3 grid).
  • The number of logos should be customizable on each breakpoint.
  • When you add a logo on slide 1, all logos should be pushed on the next slides.

Is this possible without CMS?

Thank you.

Yes, and this will be MUCH easier to create when leaving out the cms integration.
The trick is to use a uniform size on all of the logo images to ensure proper alignment. I recommend a square format for the images and position the logos within it.
The second trick is to use a fixed height on the main slider component because the Webflow slider is not vertically responsive between slides (auto will size all to the tallest).

Also, adding a new logo on the first slide will not push the others to the next slide. You’d need to do this manually.

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