Non clickable menu because of border

Hello there!

I’m having an issue with my menu on my homepage. The menu is a bit strange but it’s normal ahahah. It is on the second part of the page and has two circles on the right which are two buttons that are normally clickable (like on the project page).

But I have a border all around my screen on this page, and like it is display on top of all, my menu become non clickable at this point.

Do you know how I can bypass this without custom code?
Thank you in advance for your help!


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Just add a z-index of at least 1 to the .menu-hp element and it will cause it to sit above the border element on the page:


Yes I already try it but if I do that, the menu is above the border while I want it to come from below the border. Is there a chance that an answer can combines these two conditions ?

I’m not too sure what you mean about the menu showing above the border, but to get around that you’ll probably want to use 4 div blocks fixed to each edge (instead of a transparent element with thick borders)—this would prevent the border effect from obscuring the content underneath.

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Oh yeah it works! I had never thought about it, great idea!

Thanks a lot for your help :pray::tada:

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