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Non clickable button and position issue

Hey Guys,

I am sharing an awesome high life music mix if you can help me sort out a couple of issues:

  1. The first time I load the page below, the button that should show details of the product is not active:

    It is solved when:
  • I go back to the home page (click on logo or “accueil” link) and
  • return to the “boules de Kegel” post where the same button is now clickable
  1. Once the button is clickable and shows the product details, the position of the content is not ideal when showing/hiding product details. It is specially inconsistent and wrong when using the “mobile portrait” view.
    In other terms, when clicking back from the product details I want the user to go back to the product he was looking at and not some random location in the page or even centered on another products.

Hope you can help.

Thanks !

Here is my site Read-Only:

and my live site:

I solved the first issue by

  1. removing the “initial state” option in interaction associated with “info produit” and “prod block big” classes, and
  2. making sure that the timing of each action would start “with previous action”

Now I am still struggling with the random positioning.