NoCodeDB- A database and backend built for Webflow

Hello all! Excited to finally share a project that has been in Alpha being tested out by multiple users for a bit now - A no-code database and backend built for Webflow.

I have been hired to move Airtables (a lot of Airtable DBs), Google Sheets, Webflow CMS ‘databases’ to No-SQL/SQL databases over and over again so I began asking clients if they would use this tool and what they would like to see. After testing with a few clients and internally, NoCodeDB is ready to be pushed to a limited beta.

NoCodeDB is a database with an Airtable like interface but WAS built for no-code and database usage. Airtable is a great database tool but there are many limitations via the API and other things and they love to make sure users know that it was not built to be a database. So NoCodeDB looks to bridge this gap while building backend features and products into the database including authentication (coming soon), cloud functions (coming soon), and more.

Check us out at and let me know what you all think. We are limiting beta users. So first come first serve, as we continue to build out the write data feature and finish better documentation.

Getting some good feedback! Please share any thoughts. Thanks!

Looks very interesting, I have signed up to the waitlist and looking forward to seeing it in action!

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@WillNeeteson Thank you! We have been overwhelmed by the response and are excited to see what others continue to build with NCDB! Exciting!