Nobull Airtable App issue

Hi everyone !

I got an issue with Nobull Airtable App, it give me everytime an error :

It says Reload page. If it persist, contact (which I did, still no response so i prefer multiply my chances).

There is two changes I make since it doesn’t work :

  • I switched my site to locales and many of my cms items field are translated.
  • I used Optily app and I converted all my cms images to webP (-80% size, worth it !)

Since then, i tried to sync from Webflow to Airtable to put webP images on it. But i got this error…
I tried to make a new connection with Nobull App, checked every field, but can’t find where’s the problem.

Thanks for your time :sparkles:


Did you manage to fix it? I’m getting the same error …