No way to import ecommerce products with custom fields?

Trying to build an ecommerce site on Webflow.

So, there is no way to import products into Webflow with custom fields? Is there a work around someone has found? We’re talking about 15 000 products here and there’s no way we will have to add custom fields to each product by hand!


Did you try this?

Hi @Port_of_Folio , yes. But we need more than the vanilla fields, such as:

  • brand
  • popular
  • rebate (%)
  • subcategory

We even tried to export our few products created by hand to reimport them with the correct structure and it fails because of the custom fields.


Ok. The solution for us, finally, is to use Make and add/update/remove any product in bulk. Including it’s few custom fields.

Works a charm.

I still don’t get why Weflow is:

  • offering an e-commerce packages that goes into the thousands of products
  • then allow product custom fields
  • but don’t allow mass product import with said custom fields

…do they seriously think anyone sane will edit 1000s of products INSIDE Webflow?