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No sure how to make this special header šŸ¤” [SKODA car]

Hey guys :heart:

I am currently making a website for one of my customers and I have to make this header/slider.

I am not really sure how to make this, do you think I can use the slider ?
I thought about maybe put a div with the picture in background and then create 2 white divs on position absolute to make the special low border. But not sure if it will go with the slider.

If any of you see another way to make it, iā€™m down !

Thx :slight_smile:
Take care!

Hey @Eva_Lecoq
Here is a preview link where I created a very simmilar slider, feel free to ask any questions if something is unclear, cheers!
Preview Link

You saved my life !

Thx a lot :webflow_heart: