No slider to scroll the page?

Hello. I have an issue after removing and redoing the top menu on my website where once I publish and load it there is no slider on the side to scroll down. Any idea what might be the source of this problem?

Hi, could you send your share link?

Hm sorry mate but I can’t see anything immediately wrong with it… if you describe in more detail what browser you are using etc. someone might be able to help but it works fine for me. Looking good.

Im using chrome as well as firefox. I’ve tested it on my brothers PC who is also using chrome and we both have the same issue. Thats why i thought there must be something wrong with the website. I simply dont have the slidebar on the side to manually scroll down the page. No idea why. All other webites work fine and have a sliderbar on the side. Heres a screenshot:

Aha, OK, try changing the ‘overflow’ on the body of your page (cialko) to visible instead of hidden.

Worked :smiley: Problem Solved :wink: Thank you!

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