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No scrollbar on list of interactions in webflow UI?

Hi, I might be missing something here but am I correct that there is no scrollbar on lists of interactions in IX2? If I have a long list of interactions I have to change browser settings to 90% my see my full list.

Just checking in case this is an issue with my browser or some sort of extension clash?

Hi @johnsherwin

Have you tried refreshing the browser? Sometimes that happens to me on Chrome 72. Which one are you using?

Thanks, using Chrome 69, I don’t remember ever seeing scroll bar there, if there is supposed to be one I will update the browser and check with extensions off.

Actually I am on 70 and I don’t have an option to update to a higher version, perhaps that is something to do with Windows 10. I wonder could it be extensions. I searched on the forum to see if anyone else was having this problem but couldn’t find any info.

Yes, there is a scrollbar. Just to confirm :slight_smile:

Aargh, can’t see it. Does anyone else have a solution to this, its driving me cwazee.

I have tried turning off all chrome extensions and that doesn’t make a difference.

It shows only when you scroll but I guess you don’t see it anyway?

I presume what is supposed to happen is if I hover close to where it should be it appears? Naturally I can’t scroll that list without the scroller. I have a long list of interactions in my current job, I have to look at the screen at a zoom level of 60% to see the list, can barely read them!

Um… just use your scroll wheel on the mouse or something.

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Hi Dram, you just solved this for me, I don’t use a mouse, I use a tablet and pen. I just tried a mouse and when I use the wheel the scrollbar appears. I would prefer to use the tablet and pen but can happily use the mouse as it solves this problem. Thanks! This has been wrecking my head.

I wonder do the webflow IT know that tablet and pen are not working in this way?

Glad to shed some light on the mystery. But can’t you use swipe on your tablet to scroll?

I’m going to start feeling really thick now :blush:

My only defence is that I have been using the pen in mouse mode and when I need to scroll clicking a scroll bar and dragging it, rather than dragging on the tablet. Bit of an edge case for webflow I suppose.

Double thanks to you!

No problem, mate, glad everything is fine

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