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No Scrollbar in Style Manager

I can scroll the Styles in the Style Manager with my trackpad, but I’m using my Wacom tablet with a pen. It’s a little awkward going from pen to touch and then back. All of the other tabbed panels have scrollbars.

Chrome Version: 37.0.2062.94
OS: OS X 10.6.8

The scrollbars disappear for me too.

I use only a Wacom, and I slide like I’ll do on an iPad with the Pan/Scroll feature. You’ll never need scrollbars anymore (:

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@vincent that’s a nice workaround! For me, holding the button and then dragging the pen is a little bit better than flip flopping between a two finger swipe, but it’s still a little bit awkward. I’ll use this in the meantime. For mice (mouses?) without some sort of scroller function and people without a tablet or trackpad with scrolling this could be a bit of an issue.

I’m used to do this for a long time actually, I drag everything on very screen… I carry Wacom tablets of all sizes with all computers (: I’m definitely a stylus guy.

But yes this is a bug and should be fixed.