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No Sass/ScSS, but you show it on your no-walled front page?

On the webflow home page, the export window shows HTML/Jade and CSS SCSS SASS LESS, but when I am logged in and editing my site, I see HTML and CSS.

Whats up with that?

Hey @gsisco sorry about the misinformation. It’s something we’ll be adding in the future, but for now I will remove it so it doesn’t lead people on.

Currently our CSS structure is pretty flat - you can create selectors like .class and .class.class2. For Sass/Scss/Less to be useful we need to have selectors like .class ul. We’re working on that right now which will open the door for this kind of export.

Thanks for understanding!


@thesergie is this feature still planned?


Hi, are you still working on support to export with jade and Sass?

Really doesn’t make sense to export to either a templating language or a pre-processor. If you want to take the exported content from Webflow and work backwards to create Jade templates and Sass files, you can drop them right in a million converters that are available online or with a node package.

That being said, Jade is now Pug :slight_smile: