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No regular scroll, just anchor smooth scroll on mouse wheel too. Is it possible?

Hello everyone ! Nice to meet you I’m Federico. I’m building a website for a client, a shopify theme to be more precise, but that shouldn’t matter for the problem at hand.

I’m trying to change the scroll behaviour to prevent regular scrolling and move instead through the anchors when scrolling the mouse wheel.

Would you guys be able to help ? I looked this us up on the forum and researched on google but couldn’t find exactly what I needed. I’m a little bit stuck and really just need this nav detail fixed to complete the job.

Leaving you a read only link for preview:

Thank you so much in advance,

Federico Lanzarotta

Hey Federico.

I hope I got your issue right and searched for some proper solution that fits your case.
Kindly check out, what @PiterDimitrov created.

Hello Marius, thank you for your help. I am currently trying to implement fullpage.js but it completely deactivated my regular webflow slider