No option for large iPads?

Hello all, I’m struggling with what to do with a page design that my iPad is loading as it was designed for a desktop. I get that we can design making new widths but I don’t care about the width - it’s the HEIGHT that matters. My design for computer screens doesn’t scroll down so on a big iPad it just appears as blank. Is there any way to make a new breakpoint with a different height AND width? I know nothing about coding so I"m lost. Thanks.

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Hi @meghanmccarthy

Your read-only link doesn’t seem to be working. Without seeing your design, it’s hard to suggest the best course of action.

You can’t make a breakpoint based on height, however, there are some things you can do to make a sparsely filled page visually better on a portrait screen. You could use flexbox to centre your content and anchor the footer to the bottom of the screen for instance.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I continue to have the same problem on many pages. For instance, I made a parallax effect that works on everything but the iPad Pro. The iPad is displaying the desktop but only the whole screen is filling up with an image that isn’t centered. The problem is that for the vertical designs for phones I centered the image and I need the iPad to do this also. Instead, the iPad is cropping the main image in a really weird way. This problem is driving me nuts. I’m attaching an example of the desktop version, the phone version, and what the iPad is doing. Webflow has to come up with a solution to this.
Computer: looks like it’s supposed to.

Phone: looks correct.

iPad: a big mess.