[No longer available] Display estate-objects from xml-table on website

Hi there,

I’m looking for someone, who can help me display my customers estate-ojects on their websites.
Unfortunatly, the software my client uses only offers the option to export the objects into a zip-file on a ftp server, which includes a xml-table with all the informations and paths to the images, which are also included in the zip file.
Here is an example of said export, but with only one object included: https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/9e86b5b1-1ce6-4f34-7b7b-2d5c2f025830
There is one line in the xml per image of an object.
If I have those objects in webflow cms, I could easily work with them, but getting them there is a task beyond my knowledge.

Which is why I’m looking for external help.

If there are any questions regarding the project, please let me know either on this post or through DMs.

Here the read only link, to the website, although I dont think it matters much: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/euragpreview?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=euragpreview&preview=bdc88b6593027379c357ffc41d7cc0f5&mode=preview

The budget I have in mind for this project is around 500€, but I’m open to discussion, if that is not sufficient.

Thank you very much for any help and best regards,

Hi Julian,

I can help, PM sent please check.


Hi Julian, I’ve just dropped you a PM.