No images + video bug on website publishing

Hello everyone !
I am encountering difficulties with my website publishing.

Here is my read-only : Webflow - Parions Sport

First there are the images that are disappearing from webflow (as seen in screenshot, multiple are disappearing)
The first one in attachment is the background not loading, same goes for the other sections.

Second on the mobile, the corners of the youtube video are not rounded.

It’s starting to give me some headaches so needed to get some feedback here !
Would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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the image problem is a strange one, because it seems to appear on the live website after removing the lazy loading. Try changing it from lazy to eager loading and see if it works.

The rounded video corners do appear rounded for me, maybe you’ve already found a solution for that.

Thank you, it seems to be working !
The youtube corners were on the smartphone, I still don’t have the right results …