No hiDPI option for larger lightbox images?

Hey! Am I missing something? When I upload the image I want to use at hiDPI when a lightbox image is popped up, it shows it at regular size instead of giving me a 2x (hiDPI) checkbox like in when I upload other images? So when I test the site, the lightbox popup image is grainy on my 2x computer screen.

Here’s my share link:

That would be an nice feature to have in Webflow, and is something you could definitely post in our Webflow Wishlist.

I wasn’t able to pull up your Read-Only link, could you update your link please?

Right now the images which are served up in a lightbox are sized to fit within the lightbox window.

Oh really? Darn! That should definitely be an included feature since now the lightbox images look all jaggy when viewed on a large screen. :frowning:

Here’s my updated read-only link:

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