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No Global Objects Panel

How come I do not have the global objects panel tab on the top right side of my platform?

You mean symbols? They have moved to the left panel.

No I’m trying to follow the tutorial of creating a custom nav, and it says to select the global objects panel for one of the steps and even shows the icon amongst the top right tabs in a gif, but in my version there are only 5 tabs (Style, Setting, Navigation, Style Manager, and Interactions), not the 6 shown in the video. Does that make sense?

Oh yes, that’s because the Symbols tab (the cube looking icon at the fifth position previously) has moved to the left panel, so there are five tabs remaining on the right now.

Old panel

We also used to call Symbols “Global Objects”, where any modifications made to a Symbol will update the other instances where it is placed on the site.

Here’s where you can find it now:

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Thanks, it would be nice if tutorial was updated to say this so other users aren’t lost like me!

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Hi @ckbubbles Very sorry about that. Our team is working on updating all educational articles and videos ASAP.

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