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"No current offers" message when there's no job postings

Dear Webflowers,

I have another question that might be a piece of cake for you, but a pain in the (!) for someone like me :wink:

I’ve created a CMS collection for job postings on my website. But whenever there’s no open job postings I don’t know how to place a “nothing at the moment” message on the collection list.

Any advice on how I can do this? Here’s the link:

Thank you so much in advance! <3

Select the collection list and you will find an empty state styling option there.

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There is another issue as you do not have any condition that system will recognise that there is nothing. Thats why your text for empty state is positioned out of view (top left corner). You can solve it by adding Switch to your Job item to use it as ACTIVE - NON ACTIVE and with this condition you can set filters. Hope that helps

If you will still struggle you can send PM I can explain or help with details


Dear Stan,
The text in the upper left corner is just a title. I haven’t written any text for the empty state yet because I didn’t know how to do it or how to place it in the center of the collection list box. But thank you very much for sending me towards a right direction and offering me further help :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, chintansavaliya! <3

hi @gabsfromvrisch I’m no so dumb to don’t know what is a site title :wink: I have tried to explain your problem with Empty state msg

OK so me again. I thought I understood, but I don’t. The Empty State, as far as I see, is only displaying or not displaying the content of the Collection List, but not really giving me any options to include a text that is visible or not visible depending whether or not there’s job postings available. What I want to achieve is:

  • Open job postings = invisible “there’s no job postings available at the moment”
  • No open job postings = visible “there’s no job postings available at the moment”

How can I do that? I attach a new screenshot with the text I would like to make visible/not visible depending whether or not there’s open job postings.

Thank you <3

STan, maybe I’m the dumb one not to understand you. Don’t be so defensive :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @gabsfromvrisch If website user would not see any message as eg. No job offers at this moment they will look for one and if they would not find anything they may thing that site is broken and your client may lose a user. Is good UX practice to let the user know that there is no job. It’s only my opinion :wink:


Sorry I have misread your message. You can do that with a description I wrote in response before

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This is what I’ve been trying to explain and achieve before. Sorry if I wasn’t too clear. Thank you for your time in trying to help me out!

hi @gabsfromvrisch explanation is too complex to fully understand how it works. Instead to write full article I had offer PM to arrange online meeting to explain how it can be done on examples I have done in past or recently.

forget about it. I will try it myself. Thanks for trying, though.

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hi @gabsfromvrisch I’m sorry that I don’t want to write a long article and probably offended you with PM but I do help other forum member this way when task is complex and never had problem with this kind of the help. As I have explained you can use switch and I believe you can do it.


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no offense taken, Stan. I just realized that I prefer to solve this myself because I see it getting too complicated. Thanks for trying to help me.

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