No-code is Eating the World [Blog]

No-code and low-code tools are dramatically expanding who can build software, and in the process disrupting the typical software development life cycle.

Marc Andreesen, the prolific entrepreneur and investor, famously said that “software is eating the world”. He was right, and now that process is starting to accelerate. New tools and platforms that allow non-technical people to build fully functional websites, applications, and automations without software engineers are drastically changing the cost, speed, and approach to software development.

Imagine a world where anyone who can use software is able to build it. That is the world of low-code and no-code. Anyone who can drag & drop things on a screen and follow basic logic statements could build the next Uber, AirBnB, or Craigslist.

And this isn’t just about early stage startups and entrepreneurs… No-Code is Eating the World