No Bounce Rate?

Hey guys, our website has been published now for a couple of weeks. I’ve set it up on Google Analytics and Registered it with the Search Console.

Everything in my Analytics looks normal, except there is no bounce rate at all… Like 0.00% from my experience that means there could be something wrong?

Can someone take a look and give me an idea of what I may need to do to get that up and running as normal.


Still can’t figure this out, would really appreciate some help on this

I would start with cleaning up your tag implementation.

Excuse my ignorance, but can you advise me as to what you mean by this?

How would I go about doing this the correct way?

Google Tag assistant is saying that your site is loading gtag.js twice. Since it is not added at the page level (I checked) you need to look at your Site custom code and the integrations tab. You only want to load it once. What did you set up?

I’ve deleted some stuff. Hopefully not the wrong things. Is this better?

You should install the tool and test right?

yeah, I have done. And I appreciate your help but quite honestly I’m a bit out of my depth with this stuff and I’m nervous I’ll delete the wrong thing. So I’m seeking some help.

I am now getting this:

and I dunno what it means by non standard implementation, is that because I’ve entered the tracking ID into webflow integrations and google doesn’t recognise it? Previously I had entered the g.tag into the header on the custom code page, but now I have deleted that.

You have not defined what you are trying to do. Are you just trying to get analytics working on a plain site (static , cms), or trying to track e-commerce in addition, or / and running Google Ads and you want to optimize landing pages?

My google analytics is working and has been working fine for my site, the only thing that hasn’t been working is the bounce rate, which has been 0.00%, but everything else is working fine. This is what I’m trying to get up and running properly.

I believe that it was because the tag was implemented twice, but the google tag assistent is still saying that it is ‘Non-standard implementation’ which I’m wondering is just because the g.tag is set up in the integrations panel on webflow rather than the conventional way of implementing it in the header code. Before tonight, I had it implemented on both. Now I’ve deleted it out of the header code but still have it installed in the Webflow Integrations panel.

Does this sound right to you?

I asked the questions for a reason, to help you isolate what you need to load. I recommend you spend some time with Google’s documentation.

Does visitors are shows on your analytic?

Hey, yes I was getting visitors, lots. Just wasn’t getting any bounce rate.

I figured out that it was because I had entered the google analytics code into the header in custom code, but also I had entered it on the integrations panel on Webflow. So I had duplicate links, which is why all the rest of the analytics were showing up but the bounce rate was coming back 0.00%.

Not sure it needed to be as convoluted as the aforementioned conversation. It was quite a simple solution. So for anyone that has issues with this in the future, check you haven’t done both of these first and I’m pretty sure that this will sort the issue.


Hi @somethingfamiliar

I am having same problem with the bounce rate. Could you just confirm where do you need to put the code?

I have the Google Tag code in the Custom Code --> Head Code. Is this the only place I should have it?