No ALT text or hand on links on hover

I get no sign of active links on my images that has links on them.



The second image from bottom. Violinist in silhouette. Has an active link as you can see. Why is there no hand?

Could you please provide a share link of your Wefblow project for us to inspect more throughly?

More about how to create a share link of a Webflow project can be found here.

Aaah! :slight_smile: Of course.

I see that the section experiencing the problems is a Rich-Test-Field.
Webflow probably handles Rich-Text links differently, which causes the finger sign not to show up.

I don’t know if they plan to fix it, but you can make a work around yourself.

Instead of holding these images inside a Rich-Text-Field with a link,
give each image a separate image field, and below it a text field containing the link. (replace the Pressmaterial field)

Then change your Artister Template accordingly,
instead of a big Rich-Text block linked to Pressmaterial,
create an Image-Block inside a Link-Block linked to the new fields you’ve just created.

Also, because you sometimes have multiple images, duplicate the image and text fields multiple times.
It’s ok if you don’t fill them out, it will look just fine in the template.

Hope I helped,
Good luck Tomas!

Big thanx Benavnon! :slight_smile: Will try that solution. :slight_smile:

I’m getting really tired of several really basic shortcomings of the tool. Hope all will be fixed soon. It’s so basic stuff that’s been around for ages.


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