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No access to Updates and Announcement Learn More Link

When I go to Updates and Announcements and click the Learn More link for any of the Updates and Announcements it then tells me Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

I have a Lite account, and Webflow has a link, so why don’t I have access?

Hi @pampierce - that sounds odd. The update we pushed today was initially restricted to logged in forum users, but we’ve since updated it to be visible for anyone with the link. Our mistake!

If you have any trouble accessing other posts, please let me know.

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All the Learn More links from the Updates and Announcements now work. Thanks!

Is that where “Follow the latest Webflow news in Announcements” from the Community Guidelines is supposed to go?

I am told that “doesn’t exist or is private,” or straight up receive “Access Denied.”