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No ability to delete field from collection

Hello! I’m having trouble modifying a product collection template for a premium template i bought (Haven). When I go into the collection, some fields have gears and trashcans next to them (ex. Slug) but others (ex. Width) have nothing, no options to delink them in the template, no ability to edit them. I’m looking for a little guidance on how to delete certain fields. Thanks for any help!

When you try to delete them does it say “it’s binded to content”? That’s usually the issue.

It gives me that on the ones it lets me delete, which I understand. My problem is that the field doesn’t even have a gear or Trashcan symbol to let me try and delete and get that error.

Can you post a quick video so I can see, it’s still doing it?

Hey Gary! Thanks for all the help!! Below is the video of what im talking about!