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Ninja Academy Snowboarding - New Site Feedback

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working on a new company website for Ninja Academy Snowboarding and was wondering if I could get some feedback from the community on it.

I’m specifically looking for the ease of use and the obvious path for a visitor to get to details about the snowboard holidays on offer and then to the bookings page.

It’s still got a few areas to finish off and there are some images missing (particularly on the camp detail pages) but its almost the final thing.

Unfortunately due to some data that the company want to keep private I can’t really share the Webflow designer version of the site but you can see it at the sub domain:

Any feedback would be great appreciated. :grinning: :+1:t3:



Nice work! I like the hero section and everything is pretty straight forward, I knew what the site was about in a few seconds.

One thing you might wanna do is disable the horizontal overflow on the body.

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Thanks @SidneyOttelohe I thought I’d done that but I’ll get it fixed now, appreciated dude! :+1:t3:

Checking your site on my mobile.
Looks clean but the menu definitely needs a rework.
Why not fixing it on the top right for example? For now we have to scroll and find the menu in order to open it, which provides a bad user experience in my opinion.
Congratz tho!!

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Appreciate it @Blaise_Posmyouck I’ve done that on purpose for mobile because I’m trying to force the user to click onto the camp details pages. I totally agree with you though and I think from the feedback I’m going to fix it to the top of the screen. Thanks for taking a look! :+1: :blush:

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Hey @Godweeno, loving the design!

Are the “Destinations” and “Snowboard camps” in a CMS collection? If so, really cool how you designed the collection pages.

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I’ve also been looking at this on mobile, and its stunning.

I like the way the menu remains at the top, it bugs me when sites don’t have easy mobile navigation.

It’s clean, not cluttered at all, and I love the social media links in the menu too. I’m stealing that idea!!! :grinning:

I genuinely can’t see any issues when using the site at all. I also really like the large but subtle shadow behind some of the buttons, it really makes them pop without being too in your face.


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Thanks so much @kasperkazzual and @magicmark for the really positive comments, it means a lot! :+1:

I’m currently re-working the blog elements to fit inline with the rest of the site and branding. It currently seems a little out of place.

Kasperkazzual, the Snowboard camps and Destinations are currently only set up as static pages because the likelihood of there being more in the immediate future is very low. Towards the time of expansion I will be changing these to CMS collections.

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Hi @Godweeno great job on this site! I’ve been snowboarding for about 15+ years now and I love the site and am just about ready to book! My only question is, where am I booking a stay at? I know it’s in Canada, but other than that I don’t really know much else as to where these awesome mountains are, nor do I have any idea as to price ranges when I hit the “reserve-a-place” page.

It might be a good idea to include more information regarding the location options, packages and pricing on this page: :smiley:

Or maybe just include the above booking form on each of the package pages? The package page designs are rad! :smiley: Also do they have any 4-7 day long packages? :grimacing:

Really love the work you did here! Very clean red and white design, with incredible imagery. I’m ready to hit the slopes again :snowboarder:

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Hi @Waldo thanks for the great feedback and positive messages. Thats a great point about the reserve a place page, I totally overlooked putting the prices on there.

The package page does mention the location in Canada (Marmot Basin AB) but I’ve been thinking that it isn’t really clear enough - you mentioning not knowing proves my suspicions so I’m gonna make it clearer.

Ninja Academy have a 1 week package that they are currently putting together so it should be going up on the site soon. They can do bespoke packages though based on people’s needs.

Thanks again for the feedback, I’m really grateful! :+1::snowboarder::grinning:

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