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Nicknamed Portfolio Site

Of course a portfolio site is never done, but I feel like I’ve gotten mine to a good place. Check it out


Very cool mate! Especially the play on your name : )

Looks awesome. Love the slide down “Nick” headings. Great name-play as well :wink:

Thanks @OvertonGraphics and @jaidenraleach!


A neat portfolio! As @OvertonGraphics said, nice wink with your name there. :smile:

Creative and fun site to read and watch. Nickley done! (no I wasn’t as good as you with that) =D

This is fantastic. :clap::clap:

One suggestion - the hidden “Nick” text was overlaying the “View Resume” button, might want to set Display: None on those scroll interactions before they are triggered.

Thank you very much @danro

Thanks for the catch as well!!

@danro I’m looking around on where to make that adjustment. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Very nice website, I like the recurrent use of your name and the use of it in the interactions! Keep it up!

@Nicknameddesign sure! Here are the two places to add this display setting to your “NICK” interaction.

  1. Add Display: None to your Initial Appearance.

  2. Add a step before your fade-in to reset the display back to Block

Thank you very much! @danro

Okay…final question @danro

Edited those steps, which prevents it from overlaying the View Resume button, but now it seems to start the animation as soon as the page loads and not as you scroll down.

Thanks again for your help!

@Nicknameddesign Ah yes I forgot! When an element is not visible, it cannot properly trigger the scroll event.

How about this… remove my Display suggestions, and simply change the z-index of your button?

Perfect! Thank you again!