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Nice Feature / Numbered projects 01 - 20 + my little hacks for my brain

Just a little thought.

I’m going through my project list and It would be nice to have an almost project created ID# starting from zero.

I’ve got an .xls list that lists my current 20 projects, but sometimes the names change along the way…

It would be nice for each project we create for our account to have # associated with it, starting at 01 - this just helps me see what projects have been created in what order (chronological order) and I can easily follow what projects I have in an outside format.

this is prolly just an edge case for how my brain works, but just sharing with you.

If anyone has a nice little ‘project naming’ hack of how you manage your projects, please feel free to share.

So far I’m using
:: name_Variable / project name if i have one or client name

:: template / for something I’ve bought but havent’ used
:: sandbox / something I’m trying to play with or learn more with
:: live / client site that has been pushed live but I’m keeping it in case they need changes
:: in_dev / current site in development but not pushed LIVE or project finished.