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I purchased the nexus template and noticed in the ‘Quotes’ section - the one with large numbers/stats that appear - there appear to be divs with classes governing the appearance of the numbers and descriptions. I can’t edit these in the editor. There is is also a CSS transition applied by a surrounding div, also invisible in the editor. How can I edit the classes, transitions and other attributes of these hidden divs used in this template?


Here is my public share link: LINK

That’s a weird template. I’m not sure if that quote element is a “section” or a “blockquote”. There are no selectable child elements in the navigator panel as well. I’m sure it’s not supposed to behave this way.

Seems like you can double click to edit the text though.

@cyberdave Take a look at this blockquote bug

Thanks. It’s BlockQuote. There are multiple levels of divs inside that I cannot access. I can’t seem to copy the contents into a new Section either. You’re right, if I’m very careful all I can do is edit the text, but in my case I’ve lost some of the formatting and short of starting from scratch from the original template again, which I’m unwilling to do, I cannot copy in sections from the template into my live site nor can I edit them. So I’m stuck. Any pointers on how to do this would be appreciated. Otherwise I will forget the template and try to replicate the effect myself using ‘pure’ Webflow, the way the template designers should have.

It is a shame because when you pay for a template you’d hope to be able to edit any and all features of that template natively in the designer.

Thanks in advance!

If it’s a blockquote, it should be displayed like this on both tabs. Example:

Currently that element in the template you purchased is both a section and blockquote, which is invalid.

@cyberdave @PixelGeek @Waldo

You should email Webflow at to request for a refund for purchase of this template, as it is buggy and should be taken off the template store.

The settings tab says it a blockquote

Code says it’s a blockquote

Style tab says with a Section (Fun Section)

And strange enough… while capturing a video
— a caught a different bug
------ the mysterious - “browser stops responding” bug
------ notice though that this time - the browser stop working in Design Mode and not Preview Mode


Hi @n8vision and @samliew thank you so much for investigating this! It definitely looks like a bug with the Nexus template and we are working on a fix to your sites and the Nexus template as well to resolve this issue right away, I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information :bow:

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