Next/previous buttons automate


Is there a script or some way to automate the Next and Previous buttons to go to the next and previous pages without having to do this manually?

Thank you!

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Yes, you can use @Finsweet Attributes CMS previous next.


So I did exactly what it said, I think. I want to add that this is used on a CMS template page, so I am unsure if that is preventing it from working or something I missed.

The previous/next buttons should go through all the pages in the CMS collection. But it’s not working.

Thank you!

It might be because you have a custom attribute on div-previous - try removing that and republishing

I took it out of the div box and it’s still not working?

I tried the exact same thing and somehow @Finsweet’s attributes didn’t work for me but Refokus did keeping everything same How to add CMS Prev/Next Navigation in Webflow?

So weird.

I tried this second suggestion but still cannot get it to work. A simple way to do this right in webflow would be awesome.