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Next Level Design / Change Website Feeling

Hey Guys,

I was just wondering if anybody has a slight idea on how to achieve
“The Next Step” in the Web Design Process that looks something like this:

I mean look at those crazy Fadings, Transitions and Scroll Anchors.
Are these websites built fully on javascript? I have no idea how to achieve sth like this.
Is there any possible way for example to do a similiar thing like
a scrolling anchor or so, so that when you scroll - the next section begins to stick to the top?

I just want to change the feeling of a simple scroll site more into something
that guides the user through… Any of you built something like that or any
ideas? Just throw in inspirations! I’m just curious!

Thanks for your help,

Hi @davidk77,

Actually your first link is doable on Webflow.
The second and the third are mind blowing, no idea how to do that :smiley:
Tell me what you want to achieve exactly and i can try to help you
Have a nice day,