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Next feature release?

hey @thesergie, when is your next feature release? Don’t need a specific, just a general timeframe, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

It’s always tentative, but we’re planning to release inline text editing today or tomorrow. Then we’ll be focusing on symbols the next couple weeks.

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awesome, thanks for the transparency :slight_smile: It is much appreciated in a world stuffed with vapor products and empty promises. You guys are making a nice platform.

@thesergie - I’m really impressed with Webflow. Love the Interactions and Symbols, but I gotta say, the lack of a modal window feature to build galleries is the one thing preventing me from bringing many of of my sites to this platform. Looking forward to this feature being added soon : )


Hey @ShaggyLittle, can you please give us some examples of modals that you’d like to implement? We’d really like to understand the use cases to make sure our implementation is flexible enough. Thanks!

@callmevlad - just a grid of thumbnails, and when you click one, the image opens up larger in a new “window”. I realize that other users in the forums have posted instructions for tacking on 3rd party solutions (with limited success) but I am waiting for something that is native to WebFlow. Something like this is essential for my photography clients to showcase their work.

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symbols and interactions are really great @thesergie. Top notch work indeed!

I realise that you’re talking about using a modal for an image gallery directly within Webflow (which would be awesome), but after much hunting for a similar, easy to implement solution, I can definitely recommend Nivo Lightbox. It’s easy to use, responsive, and free! Worth checking out for those large gallery based pages.