Newly launched website + Looking for talent

Hey everyone,

We launched our new website today at, built completely on Webflow with some custom code used to build a project estimator at the bottom. Would love to get any feedback on the site.

Webflow public listing:

Also, looking for talented people in design/animation/production. Assemble is a content producing platform that connects clients with talent to produce video or animated content. Our network of talent is tightly screened to ensure it’s top notch. If you’re a director, cinematographer, editor, designer, animator, or anything related to producing, please feel free to say hi. You can email me directly at

Thank you,



I like it a lot, clean and beautiful. Also love this project estimator built with custom code.

Great job !

Very nice and clean!! Love the gradients applied to the icon and the borders on elements.

:thumbsup: :smile:

Quite a nifty design! I like it!
You might just want to check the spacing in your “success stories” carousel, bullets are going over the people’s titles for me.

Nice site! The calculator is awesome.

But why are there so many elements int his website that exist of images? They result in blurry, not sharp images. I’m talking about the ones below. These could easily be created as actual html elements?

GReat work Nate. I have applied! :slight_smile: I am also a video editor.