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Newly created pages not appearing in WordPress plugin

Hi, this isn’t an issue strictly within Webflow so the community may not be able to help but has anyone found a noticeable delay in new pages appearing in the Webflow-WordPress plugin?

Every other page has appeared within minutes, is there a trick to refreshing the cache or something similar that someone can recommend? The project is still connected with no error message and we haven’t noticed any pages dropping off.

Although we didn’t find a manual fix for this, it appears that the page has now appeared - taking approximately 10-12 days.

Updating this thread for anyone with a similar issue and will continue to update if we find an actionable solution or if it happens again.

I would check to make sure you are not using a Wordpress caching plugin that may be causing the issue. Most of them have an option to clear the cache.

Thanks for your message Jeff, will keep this in mind if it occurs again