Newby question so please be nice to me!

I have just started with Webflow, basically on my first site with it, learning as I go. When i am design mode everything lines up as I want it, I click live or the little eye to see it as it should be and things go out of line, images and the contact form for example. What arent i doing? Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I can’t seem to click on your link.

I didnt leave one, sorry. I thought it was one of those easy if you know how kinda questions.

In the view where you design, you get less viewing space. When i click the eye it seems to add a good 2 inch to either side. Im sorry for sounding so daft! I think this is probably the problem.

Can you please share your read only link?

I think this is the site

You are using pixels to define the size of your elements.
Webflow is based on a fluid grid to allow the content to adjust to the different screen sizes.

There are several ways to achieve what you are trying to do: Using fluid units to define sizes (%, VW, VH), using Columns or Flexbox.

In the Webflow Help Center there are a few useful tutorials that might help you:

Browse through the several topics and I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve better results :wink:

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